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A lot of beavering away and my first Knit and Natter

The first Knit and Natter in my kitchen - the coffee was bubbling away, waiting to be poured

Last week I experienced my very first Knit and Natter afternoon with two very special ladies. Would you believe, I lived in London for 30 years and none of my friends were knitters or crocheters. So, here on the South Coast of England we now have a little Knit and Natter group. I loved it - it's real fun, chatting while knitting and comparing what we were doing. We trouble shooted, praised, laughed gossiped and drank coffee while trying to manage cakes without getting fingers too sticky for knitting. I'm not sure I managed the last one.

For the rest of the week, I beavered away at the new website, which is now up and running. I decided to offer all of my bobbles in different weights/thickness and lengths. Check it out - you'll see drop down boxes next to each bobble.

Coming up next week will be my first ever Charity Craft Fair - very exciting! This one is at Highcliffe Social Club near Lymington. My brave friend Lynn will be coming with me to 'man' the stand. I'll report back ..................if you are planning to pop down, do come and say hello.

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