• Christine

Stripes + fun = Zen Stripes

I have always loved stripes. They are fun, modern and sophisticated - all in one go. What has always annoyed me was the sewing in of ends. So, I set about designing yarn bobbles that will do all that work for me. And the Zen Stripes Sets were born! The sets comprise two bobbles which were wound in a unique way, so they create the stripes as you knit! Clever, huh? If you look closely at the Zen Stripes bobbles, you'll spot that they come in one main colour, with two, three or five accent colours. The magic starts when you knit the bobbles 'against' each other. All is explained in the Zen Stripes shawl pattern, which comes free with each set. All you need to think about is how big/small/narrow/wide you'd like your stripes to be - go with the flow and find your inner Zen! Oh and there is also a smart organza project bag and a Zen charm.

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