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What is a bobble? 
Bobbles are drums of stranded yarn. The yarn is not twisted/plied. Instead, the 4 strands of yarn run alongside each other. Only one strand changes colour at any one time, resulting in a gradient colour change, also known as a fade. 
I most often wind the bobbles in 1000m length, sufficient for a large shawl. This is equivalent to 270g or 6 balls of yarn. A 500m/133g bobble is the smaller version and is ideally combined with another bobble for endless colour play. Or just a smaller shawl. 
The weight is similar to 4ply/fingering and the recommended needle size is 3-4mm (US 2-6). For a garter stitch project, a 4mm (US 6) gives a drapey fabric. For mosaic or other stripey patterns, as well as lace patterns, a 3.25mm needle gives a clearer definition. 


What fibre is used to make a bobble?
I work with yarn from Europe's best known manufacturer, TVU Garne in Germany. The fibre is a homogenous blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. It is rigorously tested in Germany and contains only non allergenic dyes. 

What is so special about a Yarn Mixology bobble?
Each bobble is lovingly handmade. The strands of fibre run through my hands while winding, so that I can spot a change in tension or a flaw instantly. Only one strand changes colour at any time and I use Russian knots for this. These tiny knots simply disappear into the fabric. If you use one bobble for a shawl, for example, you will have a fade of colours, but none of the hassle that comes with working with more than one colour. 2 ends to weave in - what's not to love?!


How do I wash my finished project?
This fibre is suitable for dry clean, but best washed at 30 degrees gentle cycle. Tumble drying is not recommended. Can be ironed on a cool setting. 

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